The balance of being selfish and loving yourself

I read an article that offered me some reminders on how to love myself. This is a PG article and nothing XXX about it. Owen, recommends how to date one self or marry one self. As nerdy or possibly pathetic as this sounds, it got me thinking about something completely different. The article had me thinking about the ability to sit alone or be alone. Being able to be silent and alone, without distractions is very calming.

I will always encourage people to do things solo. It can be empowering and also invigerating. It forces one to be solely responsible for all decisions and actions. Some may say that being alone can appear to be like a recluse but for me, it is about regenerating my energy. I sometimes change plans when I see that I will have an opportunity for alone time.

On the flip side, we are social beings and it’s important to be social with others. Since socializing can depreciate my energy level, I have to allow myself at least one day a week to recoup. It’s important that we remember to take time for ourselves and balancing it with everything else in our lives is crucial.

Owen, Marilyn J. (Aug 20, 2013). Advice to All the Single Ladies.


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