Have positive articulation!

“We have to ask for what we want and be willing to walk away from the good and leave room for the great.  We have to have the courage to not settle and be prepared to fail. It’s only those who risk failure that find success.  Let today be the LAST day you live in ambiguity. Get clear, ask for what you want and then know it’s on it’s way as long as you don’t settle for second best. Let The Uni-verse work for you and work through you by trusting it and asking for what you want. You are worthy of all the greatness; it’s yours to have…” – Mastin Kipp   http://thedailylove.com/clarity-brings-some-pretty-dope-reward-ask-for-it/

It is easy to fall victim to speaking harshly about ourselves and about others.  Have the intention to try to be a better communicator.  Have positive articulation.  Speak from the heart and speak the truth.  “I will not settle because I deserve greatness!”

Love and Gratitude


Getting rid of the negative allows room for the positive!

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No need to continue the negative madness.  Let it all go because it is way healthier than simmering with a bunch of negative energy.  It’s also the best way to hold on to one’s sanity.