There is a blood-sucking vampire hiding in plain sight.

Energy Vampires, “an energy vampire is simply someone who requires a lot of energy to be around” (Cole, 2014).  We all have an energy vamp in our life.  We can learn various techniques on how to deal with these people but one must also consider this, why do we allow them into our lives?  We sometimes realize this when we start to label that vamp as being a worrier, a victimizer, a drama-queen; or when we recognize negative patterns.  

I did think that we are completely accustomed to the same routine and somehow constantly attract these vamps into our lives.  This is really not about the vamp but more about ourselves.  Awareness and acceptance of what we allow into our life.  Once we recognize this (before or during the chaos), there are gracious ways to deal with these vamps.  This is the solo work everyone must do on their own, I can not tell anyone how to really figure this out.

Maybe the universe really wants me to learn how to co-exist with them?  I am reminded about maintaining boundaries and to do this by not taking on the passive-aggressive role but avoid the vamp by graciously declining any interaction.

The bottom line to all this is this is that I need to maintain my own mental health by remaining positive and learning how to deal the all energy vampires.  We can not get rid of them but just learn to live with them.


Cole, Terri (2014, October 31). How to Handle Energy Vampires.


Being Gracious

Being a gracious host is about accommodating one’s guest; to ensure your guest is comfortable and that their needs are met. For example, if one is providing a place to stay and sleep, then providing clean linens and a quiet place to rest is a priority. Included in this hosting can be providing food and taking the guest out to view and experience the sights. In some cases, the host may also give up their own bed or bedroom for the visiting guest…of course this depends on who the guest is and the size of your home. Sometimes use of the hosts vehicle can also be included in hosting.

On the flip side, there is also a proper way to be a gracious guest. The guest must genuinely be thankful and words are not the only requirement. Bringing the host a small gift is being gracious, regardless of the length of stay. Additionally, the guest should pick up after themselves and not expect the host to act as a maid. For example, keeping ones sleeping quarters tidy or maintaining a clean bathroom is a kind gesture; basically, do not be a slob and a messy person and definitely do not leave your dirty dishes all over the place. A guest can also demonstrate their thankfulness by treating their host to a home cooked meal, purchasing groceries, or ensuring the borrowed car is returned with a full tank of gas (now these are just examples of what a guest can do, do more or be creative; the most important part is making it personal).

On a final note, graciousness is also required when receiving gifts. Receiving gifts without judgement, without expectation, and being genuinely thankful is all part of being gracious. This is the part when we remove our pride and just be thankful.

Being a gracious recipient is all part of being a gracious host and a gracious guest.

Change your thoughts AND bring love into your life <3

You attract everything! If you consistantly have a negative attitutude, you will attract it. Change the negative frequency by changing your thoughts. Positive thoughts and positive articulation is crucial to alter one’s life and live a healthy and loving one.


Intended action on this unique day, 1.11.11

To have an attitude of gratitude, to be mindful, positive articulation, have loving thoughts, and remain cognitively aware of my self and my environment. 

Thank you and have an awesome day!